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Hello!  Thanks for finding your way to this page inviting you to give to my work!


Since 2010 I have been writing, organising, producing resources, and supporting people both on and offline around issues of abuse and trauma.  I have funded much of the unpaid elements of this work through doing freelance work.

In 2016, after winning the first ever Sermon of the Year competition, I gained a funded place on a Masters at London School of Theology (this is my first steps into academic study, and a miraculous provision!).  However, the capacity this study takes up reduces the time I have to do freelance work alongside the work that is unpaid.

I have taken this hugely uncomfortable, but important step of inviting people  to invest in my work by contributing financially, via registered charity Stewardship.  

As the main earner in my family and with three children (including a child we have "inherited") there is a significant amount of financial pressure to be able to eat and pay the mortgage etc.  Any regular or one off donation you are able to give would be hugely appreciated and enable me to spend time working on projects I believe will make the most difference to people's lives.


When giving, if you are eligible for Gift Aid, this will be added to your donation via the Stewardship system.  You can choose to give anonymously, but if you do provide your details, I will send you regular email updates about my work.

Thank you for considering supporting my work!  If you are unable to support financially, and are a person of faith, you can sign up HERE to get prayer updates from our family, which would also be really appreciated.

The ongoing work I do that is unpaid includes:

  • UK Church Stats: Every year I organise a team to collect statistics of the number of men and women on the national Christian platform.

  • Writing: I write blogs and other content when asked to by organisations and individuals.

  • Support: I regularly responds to emails and phone calls from people who are being subjected to abuse and those who are supporting people who have been subjected to abuse. 

  • Media: I am frequently asked contribute to various national and local media, including newspaper, radio and TV.

  • Social Media: I use my God Loves Women Twitter account and blog to encourage Christians to engage with women's liberation.

The projects I'm currently working on:

  • The Own My Life Course: A programme for women who have been subjected to abuse, focussed on addressing trauma and the ongoing impact of male violence.

  • How To Talk About Abuse: A resource for everyone about how to talk about abuse.

  • Co-Survivorship: A resource for the partners of women who have been subjected to male violence.

  • Diddy DAY: Developing a version of the DAY Programme for primary school children.  This has already been piloted by an organisation with children in the UK.

  • DAY+ LGBT*: Creating a version of the DAY Programme for LGBT* young people.

  • Female Speakers Database: Coordinating the development of a database for Christian women across the UK that can be used by event organisers to ensure their is a balance of men and women on the Christian platform.

  • Christian Organisation Audit: Calculating the number of men and women leading the main Christian organisations across the UK.

  • Gender Reconciliation Workshops: Organising for Gender Reconciliation International to deliver groundbreaking workshops in the UK.


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