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Natalie does much work with faith based organisations and individuals to encourage a changed perspective and practice on gender, abuse and living a faith filled life.  

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Natalie has written a Grove Booklet on Gender Aware Youth Practice and has a new book due out in March 2019.  Out Of Control; Couples, Conflict and the Capacity for Change is a book for Christians about domestic abuse.  She has contributed to various books and has written for numerous faith based resourcess about abuse and gender justice.  



Natalie organises and is part of the Project 3:28 collective.  Project 3:28 exists to see the UK church embrace gender justice. By standing together as men and women committed to change, we want to bring a prophetic message of equality to the church.  


Natalie delivers training for church leaders, christian training colleges, christian organisations and other faith based groups.




Mrs GLW is Natalie's pseudonymous identity on social media.  She blogs and comments on issues of faith and gender.

Founded in 2012, Christian Feminist Network is a UK-based network of people interested in exploring and connecting faith and feminism.  Natalie is one of the founding members of the CFN Collective.

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