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Who's Who?

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Conference Organiser Natalie Collins

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Natalie is a Gender Justice specialist, Director of the DAY Programme, runs Spark, is writing the Own My Life Course, co-founded the Christian Feminist Network, founded the Fifty Shades is Abuse campaign and organises Project 3:28.  She blogs and tweets as God Loves Women.

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Beside Ourselves Collective is Fourth Monkey graduate Eleanor Young and LISPA trained Kate Mounce. They make energetic, female-led, devised clown theatre that plays with themes of embodiment, female empowerment and faith. Colluding with their personal clowns and the healing power of laughter, they tackle complex topics in inventive and surreally comic ways. Using their audiences, their singing voices, material from their unconscious, dancing, puppetry, improvisation and myth they find ways of staging layered stories and epic human experiences.  

Theatre Company

Beside Ourselves Collective


Rachel Gardner

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Author of The Girl Deconstruction Project, Rachel is President of Girls' Brigade, Director and Relationship Lead at Youthscape, Founder of Romance Academy, a Home For Good Trustee, and a volunteer youth worker.


Yvonne Michele

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Yvonne Michèle is a radio presenter, singer, storyteller and a behaviour & communication specialist, working with women and girls who are survivors & thrivers of physical & sexual abuse to help them discover their true authentic voice, find the power in their own story and create a platform to be heard.


Jon Piper

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Jon is a theologian with a background in youth work and social care. He's on the leadership team for Hope Church in Hampshire.

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Christine Morgan

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Christine is the CEO of Eve, a Christian values based domestic abuse service in Northamptionshire that was formerly known as Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge.


Catrina Crout

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Catrina is the Director of Services at Mercy UK and oversees the leadership and direction of their residential and support services, training and discipleship resources and pastoral support of church partnerships.

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Ruth describes herself as a creative agitor.  She is a feminist, mother, ordained Anglican Priest,  She is interested in the way poetry connects heart and head and brings a challenge to conventional academia and theology. 

Poet in Residence

Rev Ruth Wells

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Dr Elaine Storkey

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Author of Scars Across Humanity; understanding and overcoming violence against women, Elaine is the author of nine books.  She is a philosopher-theologian, broadcaster, , speaker, global justice-seeker, academic, peace-maker, and a Christian Feminist.  She is a Shero, and those who work for women's liberation within evangelical Christianity stand on her courageous shoulders.


Dr Bex Lewis

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Author of Raising Children in a Digital Age, Bex is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University.  She is passionate about encouraging positive and responsible engagement online, contributing to a culture where people can thrive.


Dr Steve Holmes

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Steve is Head of the School of Divinity at St Andrews University. which is placed amongst the very best departments in the world by international rankings. He has published widely across many areas of Christian theology, including evangelicalism, the doctrine of God, sexual identity and ethics, and many areas of historical theology. He is also on the leadership team of his local Baptist church.


Dr Margaret Barker

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Margaret is a Biblical scholar and methodist preacher and has developed an approach to Biblical studies known as Temple Theology.  She has written 17 booksand was involved in the Queen's Hall Women's Hostel in Derby (which opened in 1977) until 2007.  It was a Christian charity providing refuge for women who had been subjected to abuse.


Mark Hewerdine

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Mark is a priest in the Church of England. A former youthworker, he has worked with BAME young men and with young offenders in inner-city Manchester. He currently works developing fresh expressions of church in south Manchester, and is a friend of the L'Arche community. He is passionate about men learning from and growing through engagement with feminism.


Andrew Collins

Andrew is the adminstrator for the DAY ProgrammeSpark. and the Own My Life course.  He is a stay-at-home dad for two children, one puppy and two rabbits.  


Artist in Residence

Lily Clifford

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Lily is an artist and arts facilitator who is currently working towards her MA in Inclusive Art at the University of Brighton. Lily makes art about women, religion, and stories – she uses paint, ceramics and found objects.


Selina Stone

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Selina is a tutor and lecturer in Political Theology at St Mellitus and a PhD student with the University of Birmingham, her

research explores Pentecostalism and social and political engagement.


Andrew Graystone

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Andrew has worked extensively in television and radio as a producer, presenter and commentator and he lectures in media and cultural analysis at universities.  He provides media consultancy services to voluntary sector organisations. Three years ago Andrew broke the story of abuse of young men by the Christian barrister John Smyth, in a series of reports on Channel 4 News. Since then he has walked through life with John Smyth’s victims, together with a large number of other male victim and survivors of abuse in a church context.  


Helen Austin

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Helen writes, blogs and tweets about sexual violence, mental health, chronic illness and faith. 


Omari Hutchinson

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Omari describes himself as a research scholar who is involved in practical theological research. He has a particular interest in matters relating to disadvantage, gender, sexuality, intersectionality and multiple sources of oppression.  He is in the write-up stage of his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education. His work examines the heart and soul of Black queer Christian men in Black Pentecostal churches in the UK and their lived experience of God.


Vicky Walker

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Vicky Walker writes and speaks about culture, society, modern relationships and domestic abuse, in faith and mainstream media. She advises organisations on creative and engagement, facilitates the Gathering of Women Leaders, hosts a London-based faith community for people working in the arts, and is part of Project 3:28. Her next book explores the impact of faith on personal relationships. 

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Other contributors will be confirmed soon

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